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Yamaha Golf-Car Company entered into a 5-year exclusive partnership with ParView, Inc., one of the original and largest providers of GPS Course Management Systems. Yamaha and ParView have come together to offer Yamaha customers the advantages of a GPS system.

"Yamaha is known for its quality-made golf cars, and we were searching to combine our top-of-the-line GPS System with a top-of-the-line golf car, said David Chessler, CEO of ParView. "The question I am asked most often is. . . 'When will the price for GPS Systems come down?' With ParView and Yamaha's new partnership, I can say, 'right now!' This partnership gives us the ability to provide Yamaha customers the most advanced system to date at a price point previously unavailable. It is through Yamaha's unique and flexible leasing programs that we are able to offer customers this outstanding offer."

Taken from a Yamaha/parview press release

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