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The following is a continuing saga of trying to determine the longest and now, the shortest golf holes in Michigan. Here are some additional observations from our readers.

Art,   Hate to have to correct Toby, (Toby Hilton of McCamly Plaza) but the 655 yarder at Island Hills is #13.  It's 628 from the blues and still at 591 from the whites!  It has an unique double fairway, so if you have one of those uncontrollable "fades" from either side of the ball, you can keep it on the short stuff.  

Heritage Glen GC in Paw Paw has a great par 5 with one of the toughest 2nd shots around.  The 6th hole is a double dog-leg (not to be confused with "a double dog dare yah) at 625 yds. from the blues.  You need to carry the fairway bunker off the tee so you will have a "comfortable" mid-iron to the 2nd corner for a wedge in.  Only problem is, your hitting that 2nd shot into a corner lined with woods and if you go left, the fairway slopes left into wetlands.  Not for the faint of heart!
Mike McGeath Great Lakes Golf & Travel

Your list got me thinking about some of the long par-5's in the state, Here's a few more I found from scorecards gathered over the summer:

The Ross course at Boyne Highlands, #5-617 yards
The Kingsley Club, the great new private course south of Traverse City, #1-601 yards
Oakland HIlls (north course) #5-616 yards
Shanty Creek Cedar River #18-604 yards
Tullymore (beautiful new course at St. Ives) #16-608 yards
Arcadia Bluffs #15-633 yards
Calderone Farms (new course off I-94 west of Ann Arbor) #1-606 yards.
Sleeping Bear (formerly Sugar Loaf) #17-618 yards

I'm sure this is just a partial list, the big question is how many of us have actually ventured all the way back to those tees???

Chris Hill, Publisher Great Lakes Golf

*Thanks and a tip of the tam to Chris and Mike. The list grows!!!!!! As a thought, I wondered what the shortest holes in Michigan might be. I started a list (anything under 120 yards) and would certainly like to add to it. Any suggestions???? ED.


Island Hills #13, 655
Sugar Bush #10, 648
Hidden River Golf and Casting Club #7, 636
Arcadia Bluffs #15, 633
Heritage Glen GC #6 625
Sleeping Bear (Formerly Sugar Loaf) #17, 618
Brae Burn # 13, 617
Boyne Highland (Ross Course) # 617
Oakland Hills (North) #5, 616
Treetops (Jones Course) #10, 610
Tullymore #16, 608
Calderone Farms # 1, 606
Shanty Creek Cedar River #18, 604
Kingsley Club # 1, 601


Gauss Green Valley #4, 95
Pontiac Muncipal #5,104
Rouge Park #16, 104
El Dorado #3, 106
Sharp Park # 4, 109

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