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Ann Arbor
MGN had a nice lunch with Craig Brass, author of the hot selling book, "How to Quit Golf". Craig was in Ann Arbor in his role as a Morgan Stanley investment advisor. As you many recall, Morgan Stanley was one of the hardest hit financial institutions in the World Trade Center. They had 25 floors of space in the building. Brass said that most employees made it out with the help of a diligent security person. Unfortunately, the security person intent on his duties, did not make it out.

Craig said his book manuscript went from getting a number of rejections to where three firms were bidding on the rights. He is enjoying his Andy Warhol moment of fame and attempting to extend it with tv and radio interviews. The book has been well received and should do well this holiday season. He indicated that it was ranked #622 on Amazon's list.You can get the book on http://amazon.com in time for the holidays.

Eagle Crest Resort

MGN caught up with Bill Shelton, host of the Michigan Golfer TV Show, as he shot his final episode of the year. Bill, is the former President of Eastern Michigan University, and now a faculty member of the Educational Leadership Department. We met at Eagle Crest Resort to tape the introduction to a show on MGCOA. It was an unbelievable balmy 67 degrees on December 5th. EMU golf coach, Bruce Montgomery was working the clubhouse for Director of Golf, Tom Pendlebury.


Fox Hills

Fox Hills wanted to thank everyone who participated in their Salvation Army Turkey Day on Saturday, November 17. They received over 200 frozen turkeys. http://foxhills.com

The Majestic

Bill Fountain, of the Majestic, indicated that their turkey day was another smash, as they raised 3 1/2 tons of turkey to contribute to the needy.

Are we thinking hams for Easter?

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