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Golf World Business reported Golf DatatechÝs most recent sales figures in its weekly newsletter, and the results are mixed.

Sales of woods in on- and off-course golf shops in October rose 2.7% versus the previous year to $37.6 million. Unit sales increased 1.1% versus the same period a year ago to 177,370. Iron sales for the month fell 2.9% compared with October 2000 to $26.6 million, while unit sales were down 1.8% to 406,090.

Sales of golf balls in sporting-goods stores in October decreased 2.5% from last year to $3.6 million. Unit sales dropped 5% to 218,920 dozen sold. Golf ball sales at on- and off-course shops in October increased 2.4% to $41.6 million versus sales of $40.5 million in October 2000. Dozens sold for the month remained flat at 1.5 million.

Dollar sales of putters in October rose 1.2% versus last year to $11.1 million, while unit sales dropped 4.5% to 108,080.

Taken from the NSGA Research Newsletter
Thomas B. Doyle
vp/information & research

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